Perfume River - HUE, VIETNAM

The Perfume River is a river that crosses the city of Huế, in the central Vietnam, flowing from Truong Son Mountain through Huế City Centre and Bang Lang Fork. The Perfume River or Huong River is around 80 kilometers long and was given its name over 100 years ago, due to the scent of flowers that dropped in the water from upriver orchards. As the strong floral scent was carried through the river during autumnal months, it resulted in locals naming it as Pefrume River.

Today, it may not smell as fragrant due to modernisation and the increasing number of riverboats but it's still one of the most popular landmarks in Huế. The waterfront gets very lively in the evening. Local youths often flock to the park to enjoy breathtaking sunset views of Perfum River. The Trang Tien Bridge (Cau Truong Tien) also becomes illuminated with colourful led lights, resulting in an impressive sight.