Love River is a river (canal) in southern Taiwan and the spine of Kaohsiung city, playing a similar role to the River Thames of London. It has a total length of mere 12 kilometers and it is of great cultural significance to the people of Kaohsiung playing an important role in its economy and tourism. 

It was originally called Takao River by the Japanese and later the Kaohsiung River. In the late 1940s a pair of lovers committed suiced in its depths. Also, after the KMT took over Taiwan, young couples began to gather around the newly built riverside park, where boat companies started running a business of rowing and cruising.

In addition, in 1948, Love River Boat Cruise Company was opened near the Jhongjheng Bridge. However, a typhoon blew off thecompany's signboard, with only the first two words "Love River" left on it. Finally, Love River was designated the official name in 1972.

The Love River was once heavily polluted, but recent efforts by the city government has resulted in significantly improved water quality.